ACH Receiving


At Evolve, we receive files from other originating banks through the ACH network. These files contain credits and debits that we review and apply to designated accounts. Typically, the settlement process occurs at the end of the scheduled ACH transaction day.

Processing Times

When Evolve receives an ACH file, we promptly deliver it to the Customer on the same day it's received, using the vAccount ACH Receiving file format. The funds are then posted on the effective date specified by the Originator (or Sender) of the ACH transaction.

Weekends & Holidays

Evolve does not process any received ACH transactions from the Fed on weekends or holidays. If an ACH transaction is received from the Fed on a weekend or holiday, Evolve will process the ACH transaction on the next business day.

If the effective date falls on a weekend or holiday, Evolve will post the funds on the business day prior to the effective date.

  • Example: If Evolve receives the file on a Thursday with an effective date of Sunday, Evolve will post the funds on Friday.


On-Us ACH entries refer to situations where the received ACH transaction involves accounts held by Evolve for both the account being debited and account being credited parties. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the On-Us-ACH section in the Origination chapter.

Originating Returns

In the event the received transaction is refused, the Customer would originate a Return to reverse the transaction. The Customer passes the return data to Evolve via an ACH Return Generator file. Evolve uses this data to originate a Nacha formatted return on behalf of the Customer.

In the event a customer wishes to Originate a Reversal Entry or File, Evolve asks that they be submitted in a separate ACH Origination file. This ensures proper handling and processing of these specific transactions.