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We know that speed and flexibility are key, which is why our solutions were developed with your company in mind. Let your UI/UX shine while we work behind the scenes to make sure the solutions are there to support your use cases.

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Powered by our solution, mobile apps can issue vAccounts (Virtual Accounts) to users. The Fintech maintains the relationship with the end user, while Evolve holds the funds in our secured stored value ecosystem. Once established, the vAccounts can be configured to send and receive funds using our transaction and card solutions.

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Primary Banking
Your financial programs will require a strong account infrastructure with a tech savvy bank. Evolve provides a sturdy account foundation with our Primary Banking accounts. These accounts hold the funds necessary to secure programs and manage the daily flow of funds.

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A pooled business banking account where the business manages its users’ funds in aggregate. Open an account to support your financial programs or vAccounts.

Card Services

Card Acquiring

A method of supporting card transactions, settling and disbursing funds via card networks (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, or regional networks) by processing card data collected by an app, POS system, or eCommerce site.

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    • Card Acquiring | API


This solution represents a traditional card purchase transaction (or pull transaction). The end user’s card and verification data are collected by the Platform and used to initiate a pull transaction across one of the card networks. The card data and verification can be collected from a POS system or an eCommerce application.

Push to Card

Compared to a traditional “purchase/pull” transaction, this solution allows Platform’s and their End Users to “push” or send funds to a consumer or business via the card number provided.

Mastercard Cash Pick-Up

Enables End Users to disburse cash payments to consumers. The recipient can instantly access cash at any enabled ATM using only their phone number and transaction code to collect funds. A credit/debit card, bank account or mobile app is not required for pickup.

Remote Payment & Presentment Service (RPPS®)

A method of paying bills to about 95% of industry service providers in the U.S. through an electronic payment network. This solution provides customers one-stop access to comprehensive electronic routing, settlement services, billing, and Online research tools

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Card Issuance

A card (virtual or physical) issued by Evolve through Mastercard or Visa. Cards can be funded by ACH, RDC, and wires, and can be white-labeled. Each card type listed below can be issued into the various card networks for consumers or businesses.

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Debit Card Issuance

Share the balance of the connected account.

Credit Card Issuance

These cards can be secured or non-secured.

Prepaid Card Issuance

These cards can be reloadable or non-reloadable.


An exchange of funds between accounts of different banks through the ACH network, where one bank originates the transfer and the other receives the transfer.

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Check Printing
Enables Customers to print and deliver checks to end users (consumers and businesses). Transactions are validated via Positive Pay.

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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
Enables Customers to make deposits by taking a picture of a check using a web capture platform* or submitting an x937 file captured via desktop scanner.

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Vault Cash
Allows businesses to debit or credit cash funds to their Evolve accounts. These funds are transferred between the business location and the nearest Evolve vault by armored car service. The armored car service must be licensed to pick up funds from Federal Reserve Bank locations.

An electronic transfer of funds from a network of banks and transfer agencies. Provides faster processing speeds than ACH transactions, and domestic wires settle on the same day if created before bank cutoff times. Ideal for sending large dollar amounts.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)
If a Platform provides a regulated financial service in the US, they are required to verify certain information about their customers. Our solution gives them the information they need to help build a secure Customer Identification Program (CIP) for their individual and business clients.

Individual: The Know Your Customer (KYC) process involves collecting and verifying data about a customer’s identity. This process mitigates fraud and creates unique customer profiles.

Business: The Know Your Business (KYB) process involves collecting and verifying data about the nature of businesses and the owners. This process verifies data and creates a record with the bank.

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