The following documentation explains requirements for Evolve’s RPPS solution.

RPPS is a method of paying bills to about 95% of industry service providers in the U.S. through an electronic payment network. This solution provides customers one-stop access to comprehensive electronic routing, settlement services, billing, and Online research tools.

RPPS Origination

Evolve collects formatted files from the Platform and originates the RPPS on behalf of the Platform (the "Payer").
Each Payer is assigned an Originator ID from Mastercard.

  • Evolve serves as the Sponsor Bank.
  • End Users send credit pushes through their Platform (Payer) to Billers via RPPS.
  • Transactions can be scheduled Next Day and also Future Dated*.

*Future Dated transactions require the Customer to develop and support their own recurring bill payment technology.

RPPS Returns and Reversals

The Customer has 5 business days to reverse a payment made on behalf of an End User. Customers decide whether or not to support reversals. Although uncommon, returns are initiated by Billers in an instance of nonpostable transactions or rejected payments.