Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Overview of RDC

The RDC chapter is intended to take you through the various components of Evolve's Remote Deposit Capture solution.

What is RDC?

RDC is an image-capture solutions that allows Evolve to accept checks for deposit using a digital image instead of the original, physical, paper version.

Evolve currently offers two different types of RDC:

  1. Remote Deposit Now (RDN) – checks are manually scanned directly to Evolve
  2. X9 – Files are delivered to Evolve via SFTP; up to 1,000 checks can be sent and processed at the same time


Note: Evolve does not currently offer scanners as a part of our RDC solution.

Processing Windows

Evolve currently has 4 processing windows (Monday-Friday):

  • 9 AM CST
  • 1 PM CST
  • 5 PM CST
  • 8 PM CST

These windows cannot be adjusted and are for both X9 and RDN users. Once a check file is successfully submitted, it will be processed to the Federal Reserve in the next closest processing window.

For example: If we receive a file after 8 PM CST on a Friday, it will be processed on Monday at 9 AM CST.


X9.37 is an automated process of sending check files via SFTP.

During the implementation process, you will be asked to complete the RDC Program Design Document. This form indicates the file type and credit record you prefer to use. Evolve will use this information to determine your X9 File formatting specifications.

Remote Deposit Now (RDN)

RDN is a manual, web-based process that sends check files via scanner, directly to Evolve's portal vendor.

Compatible RDN Scanners:

Digital Check- TellerScan 240 Series
- CheXpress Series
- Legacy Products
- TellerScan 230 Series
Epsom- CaptureOne TM-S1000 Series
Panini- VisionX Series
- I:Deal Series
- Legacy Products o MyVisionX Series
Unisys- SmarSource Professional
Canon- imageFORMULA CR-25
- imageFORMULA CR-50
- imageFORMULA CR-55
- imageFORMULA CR-80
- imageFORMULA CR-135
- imageFORMULA CR-180
- imageFORMULA CR-190