Push to Card


The following documentation explains requirements for Evolve’s Push to Card solution.

This solution enables participants to "send" (or disburse) funds directly to consumers and small businesses via a payment card account (Debit card linked to a DDA or vAccount). A disbursement is not linked to any purchase. Evolve supports Visa Direct and Mastercard Send.

Common Use Cases for Push to Card

  • Wage Access (earned and unearned) - Enable your End User's access to earned or unearned paycheck wages before pay day.
  • Merchant Advances - Traditional settlement methods typically require merchants to wait days to collect
    card receivable payouts. Push to Card can help merchants improve their liquidity by offering almost instant access to card sales revenue.
  • Lending - Push to Card allows lenders to push funds to a borrower's card, giving almost instant access to lent funds. Funds can be used right away.
  • Check Cashing - Instead of waiting for a paper check in the mail, Push to Card allows payments to push directly to an end user's bank account through a debit card.
  • Gig Economy - Push to Card immensely helps our growing "gig" economy. Freelance workers or independent contractors can have near instant access to their payroll through Push to Card.
  • Money Transfers - This solution allows money transferring to and from various endpoints via a debit card. Some examples include Digital Wallets and Topping up an account