ACH Return Generator File Layout (Version 1)

v1 - DO NOT USE AFTER 3/2/2024


IMPORTANT: Version 1 of the Return Generator file should continue to be utilized until Version 2 is moved to production. Please see additional information below.

On January 31st, 2024, Evolve released v3.3 of the ACH Trace file and v2 of the ACH Return Generator file on the Evolve Enterprise Plus documentation site. This release included breaking changes to both files.

We have offered a 30 day window to adhere to the file layouts. On Saturday, March 2nd, 2024, Evolve will deprecate previous versions of Trace and Return Generator files (including Return Generator v1).

If you would like to review version 2 of the Return Generator file effective 3/2/2024 in order to prepare for the upcoming version changeover, please visit ACH Return Generator File Layout (Version 2).


Platforms can submit this file to Evolve to return a received ACH. Once submitted, Evolve will generate a NACHA formatted ACH return file on behalf of the Platform and send the return to the Federal Reserve ACH Network.

The Platform should use the data from the vAccount ACH Receiving File and their return reason to submit this file. This file needs to be submitted to Evolve within 24 hours of the Platform receiving the ACH being returned. Evolve will email the Platform the details of any submitted records that could not be used to generate an ACH return file.

File Name


ReturnGen_v1indicates the file type and version.
yyyyMMddHHmmssis the timestamp for when the file is sent.

Note: File name is limited to 40 characters.

File Direction

This file is sent to Evolve from the Platform.

Format Options

This file type is available in JSON format.

Delivery Window

This file can be delivered to Evolve at any time throughout the week (Monday-Sunday). However, this file needs to be submitted to Evolve within 24 hours of the Platform receiving the ACH being returned. Evolve processes and generates ACH returns upon receipt of this file.


If a client receives an incoming ACH, that they wish to return, on Monday. They need to submit a Return Gen file with that record in it by Tuesday at 8pm CST to ensure that the other Financial Institution honors the return.

File Size

This file should contain no more than 2,500 records. If there are more than 2,500 records, the Platform should submit multiple files.

File Options

ACH Return Generator JSON Sample Data

    "returns": [
            "trace": "242071758896195",
            "effective_date": "2020-05-12",
            "ach_company_name": "COMENITY PAY OT",
            "amount": 105,
            "return_reason": "R01"
            "trace": "021000025622593",
            "effective_date": "2020-05-12",
            "ach_company_name": "CITY PUBLIC SRV",
            "amount": 364.61,
            "return_reason": "R01"
            "trace": "061036010000339",
            "effective_date": "2020-05-12",
            "ach_company_name": "IRS",
            "amount": 5,
            "return_reason": "R03"
            "trace": "021214899147540",
            "effective_date": "2020-05-11",
            "ach_company_name": "tapx_trading_and",
            "amount": 0.56,
            "return_reason": "R01"

ACH Return Generator File Table

Field NameData TypeData ValidationDescription
tracestringrequired15 character trace number. Insert leading zeros if necessary.
See Trace in the ACH Receiving File Layout.
effective_datestringrequiredThe effective date of the received ACH (yyyy-MM-dd). See EffectiveDate in the ACH Receiving File Layout.
ach_company_namestringrequiredThe name of the company that originated the received ACH. See PostingData in the ACH Receiving File Layout.
amountdecimalrequiredThe unsigned amount of the received ACH. See Amount in the ACH Receiving File Layout.
return_reasonstringrequiredRepresent the reason for returning the received ACH with a NACHA return code. See NACHA Return Codes table.

NACHA Return Codes & Change Codes

Field NameDescription
C01Incorrect bank account number
C02Incorrect routing number
C03Incorrect routing and account number
C05Incorrect Payment Code
R01Insufficient Funds
R02Account Closed
R03No Account/Unable to Locate Account
R04Invalid Account Number
R06Returned per ODFI’s Request
R07Authorization Revoked by Customer
R08Stop Payment on Item
R09Uncollected Funds
R10Customer Advises Not Authorized
R11Check Truncation Entry Return
R12Branch Sold to Another DFI
R13RDFI not qualified to participate
R14Representative Payee Deceased
R15Beneficiary or Account Holder Deceased
R16Account Frozen
R17File Record Edit Criteria
R20Non-Transaction Account
R21Invalid Company Identification
R22Invalid Individual ID Number
R23Credit Entry Refused by Receiver
R24Duplicate Entry
R28Check digit for routing number is incorrect
R29Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized
R31Permissible Return Entry
R33Return of XCK Entry
R34Limited Participation D.F.I.
R35Return of Improper Debit Entry
R36Return of Improper Credit Entry
R37Source Document Presented for Payment
R38Stop Payment on Source Document
R39Improper Source Document
R40Non Participant in E.N.R. Program
R41Invalid Transaction Code (E.N.R. only)
R42Routing Number/Check Digit Error
R43Invalid D.F.I. Account Number
R44Invalid Individual I.D. Number
R45Invalid Individual Name
R46Invalid Representative Payee Indicator
R47Duplicate Enrollment
R50State Law Prohibits Truncated Checks
R52Stop Pay on Item
R53Item and ACH Entry Presented for Payment
R61Misrouted Return
R67Duplicate Return
R68Untimely Return
R69Field Errors
R70Permissible Return Entry Not Accepted
R71Misrouted Dishonor Return
R72Untimely Dishonored Return
R73Timely Original Return
R74Corrected Return
R75Original Return not a Duplicate
R76No Errors Found
R80Cross-Border Payment Coding Error
R81Non-Participant in Cross-Border Program
R82Invalid Foreign Receiving D.F.I. Identification
R83Foreign Receiving D.F.I. Unable to Settle
R84Entry Not Processed by O.G.O.