Incoming ACH Return File Layout

v3 – 2020.07


The purpose of the Incoming ACH Returns File is to provide notification of ACH returns that were received by Evolve Bank & Trust as the result of previously originated ACH debit or credit transactions. The Platform is responsible for reconciling previously credited and debited funds from their End Users’ accounts and maintaining the subledger based on the Incoming ACH Return File.
Many of the fields in this file are intended to aid in identifying the original originated ACH transaction; however, the most trustworthy data field that can be used to find the original transaction is the Original Trace Number field. Evolve Bank & Trust provides the trace numbers for originated transactions in the ACH Trace File. See the ACH Trace File Layout for more information.

File Name

Returns CompanyShortName yyyyMMddHHmmss.achreturns

Returnsindicates the file type.
CompanyShortNameis the short name assigned to the company by Evolve.
yyyyMMddHHmmssis the timestamp for when the file is sent.

File Options

This file type is available in CSV format.

File Direction

This file is sent to the Platform from Evolve.

Delivery Location

These files are delivered by default into a ‘Returns’ subfolder of the Platform’s primary folder on Evolve Bank & Trust’s sFTP server ( However, the Platform may choose a different subfolder if desired.

Delivery Window

When the file is produced, entries only include records that have not been sent to the Platform in previous files.
This file type is provided several times a day and contains ACH returns for previously originated ACH debit or credit transactions. Files runs every day at 6 AM, 8 AM, 10 AM, Noon, 2 PM, 4 PM, and 6 PM - all times are Central.

Each file delivery looks 5 days back. Each Saturday file delivery looks 30 days back.

File Size

This file will contain no more than 3,000 records. If there are more than 3,000 returns in a single delivery window, then multiple files will be provided.

Unique Key

Evolve requires that the data from this file be stored in association with a unique key. This key will help the Platform identify errors or duplicate data in the event of a system issue.

Required Fields
Trace+Date+Company Name

Best Practice(add one or more of the following fields):
+ Company ID
+ Individual ID
+ Amount

CSV Guidelines

  1. Each record is located on a separate line, delimited by a line break (CRLF).
  2. The last record in the file may not have an ending line break.
  3. There will be a header line appearing as the first line of the file with the same format as normal record lines. This header will contain names corresponding to the fields in the file and will contain the same number of fields as the records in the rest of the file.
  4. Within the header and each record, there will be one or more fields, separated by commas. Each line should contain the same number of fields throughout the file. Spaces are considered part of a field and should not be ignored.
  5. The last field in the record will not be followed by a comma.
  6. Fields containing line breaks (CRLF), double quotes, and commas will be enclosed in double-quotes.

vAccount ACH Receiving CSV Sample Data

Date (5_70_75),Amount (6_30_39),Account (6_13_29),ABA/Routing (6_04_12),Individual Name (6_55_76),Individual ID (6_40_54),Transaction Code (6_02_03),Trace (80_94),Bank Discretionary (6_77_78),Addenda (7_04_83),Descriptive Date (5_64_69),Company Name (5_05_20),Company Discretionary (5_21_40),Company ID (5_41_50),Class (5_51_53),Company Entry Description (5_54_63),Batch (5_88_94),Originating DFI (5_80_87),Immediate Destination (1_04_13),Immediate Origin (1_14_23),File Date (1_24_29),File Time (1_30_33),File Modifier (1_34_34),Immediate Destination Name (1_41_63),Immediate Origin Name (1_87_94),Amount_Unsigned (no dollar or comma),Service Class 2xx (5_02_04),Julian_Settle_Date (5_76_78),Text4,Text5,Return Code (7_04_06),Return Description,Original Trace (7_07_21),Optional Date (7_22_27),Original Receiving DFI (7_28_35),Addenda Text (7_36_79),Addenda Trace (7_80_94),Addenda Type (7_02_03),Returns_ABA_CheckSum (calculated),Returns Orig Transaction Code (calculated),Returns ABA 9 digit (concatenated),Amount_Unsigned (no dollar or comma)
2/7/2018,-0.1,123456789,625152045,John Smith,,21,8.084106760000001,,R0408441067654135597083,2/7/2018,"About Coffee, Inc",,8546978115,WEB,CREDIT,1,84106768,84106768,84106768,180207,1515,A,About Coffee,,0.1,200,38,,,R04,Invalid Account Number,084106760000002,0,84106768,,084106760000003,99,,22,,0.1
2/7/2018,-0.05,123456789,727683616,Jane Doe,,21,5.084106760000004,,R0408441067667717595090,2/7/2018,Babel Builders,,8546978115,WEB,CREDIT,1,84106768,84106768,84106768,180207,1515,A,Babel Builders,,0.05,200,38,,,R04,Invalid Account Number,084106760000005,0,84106768,,084106760000006,99,,22,,0.05
2/7/2018,-80.74,123456789,530647311,Art Venere,,26,084106760000007,,R0108441067665033047031,2/7/2018,Cabana Keepers,,8546978115,WEB,DEBIT,8,84106768,84106768,84106768,180207,1515,A,Cabana Keepers,,80.74,225,38,,,R01,Insufficient Funds,084106760000008,0,84106768,,084106760000009,99,,27,,80.74
2/8/2018,-55.74,123456789,229963296,Lenna Paprocki,,26,084106760000010,,R0108441067651673044332,2/8/2018,"D. E. Light",,8546978115,WEB,DEBIT,34,84106768,84106768,84106768,180207,1515,A,"D. E. Light",,55.74,200,39,,,R01,Insufficient Funds,084106760000011,0,84106768,,084106760000012,99,,27,,55.74
12/6/2019,0,1000280150917,272078297,Anita Return,,21,123456789,,C0108441067600272078297,12/06/2019,"Platform, Inc",,1465396710,COR,CREDIT,4,84106768,81000045,84106768,191206,1446,A,"Platform, Inc",,0,200,340,NODE_5de868aee079bc1d4fc3484e/None,,C01,Incorrect bank account number,084106760000013,0,272078297,10002801580917,084106760000014,98,,22,,0

Incoming ACH Return File Table

Field Descriptions & Usage:


The numbers at the end of the field names (X_YY_ZZ) correspond with the ACH line item type (X) and the positions in the line (from YY to ZZ).

Field NameData TypeDescription
Date (5_70_75)dateDate of Return.
Amount (6_30_39)decimalAmount listed within original file.
Account (6_13_29)numeric 10-16 digits 0-9Account number for which the return was received. This is the offset account tied to the original transaction or the designated return account for the receiving ACH Company Name. This is never a vAccount.
ABA/Routing (6_04_12)numeric 9 digits 0-9Routing number of RDFI associated with account number.
Individual Name (6_55_76)stringConsumer's first name or the next seven characters of the Company Name.
Individual ID (6_40_54)numeric 10 digits 0-9Consumer's social security number or company's Taxpayer Identification Number.
Transaction Code (6_02_03)integerTransaction Codes identify various types of debit and credit Entries. See ACH Transaction Code Reference for more information.
Trace (80_94)numericEntry Detail Record identifier for this return. When combined with the date of the transaction, this combination is unique. This is not Trace number for the original transaction. See "Original Trace (Original Entry Trace Number)" in this file for the Trace number of the original origination.
Bank Discretionary (6_77_78)stringIf data is added in this field by the ODFI, it will be returned to the Originator in the Return file.
Addenda (7_04_83)stringAddenda information is associated with the immediately preceding Entry Detail Record; it is used by the FDFI to relay explanatory information that is required with the use of Return Reason Codes R11 (Check Truncation Entry Return) and R17 (File Record Edit Criteria).
Descriptive Date (5_64_69)This field is unused at this time and is intentionally left blank.
Company Name (5_05_20)stringThis is the name of the company originating the ACH transaction, which also appears in the Return File.
Company Discretionary (5_21_40)This field in the Company/Header Record allows Originators and/or ODFIs to include codes (one or more), of significance only to them, to enable specialized handling of all Entries in that batch. This is not standardized.
Company ID (5_41_50)numericThis is the ACH company identifier associated with the ACH Company Name.
Class (5_51_53)integerThe service class code identifies the general classification of dollar Entries to be exchanged. Code Values:  200 ACH Entries Mixed Debits and Credits  220 ACH Credits Only  225 ACH Debits.
Company Entry Description (5_54_63)stringThe Originator establishes the value of this field to provide the Receiver with a description of the purpose of the Entry. For example, "Gas bill," "Reg. Salary," "ins. Prem.," "Soc. Sec.," "DTC," "Trade Pay," "PURCHASE," etc.
Batch (5_88_94)integerA bundle or grouping of ACH transactions, with each batch containing one or more Entries.
Originating DFI (5_80_87)numeric 9 digits 0-9Originating Depository Financial Institution.
Immediate Destination (1_41_63)numeric 9 digits 0-9This field contains the routing number of the ACH Operating or Receiving Point to which the File is being Transmitted. The 10-character field begins with a blank in the first position, followed by the four-digit Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, the four-digit ABA Institution Identifier, and the Check Digit (bTTTTAAAAC).
Immediate Origin (1_14_23)numeric 9 digits 0-9This field contains the routing number of the ACH Operating or Sending Point that is Transmitting the file. The 10-character field begins with a blank in the first position, followed by the four-digit Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, the four-digit ABA Institution Identifier, and the Check Digit (bTTTTAAAAC).
File Date (1_14_29)Date YYMMDDThe File Creation Date is the date on which the File is prepared by an ODFI (ACH input Files) or the date (exchange date) on which a File is Transmitted from ACH Operator to ACH Operator, or from ACH Operator to RDFIs (ACH output Files).
File Time (1_30_33)Time HHMMTime at which the file containing the return was prepared by the ODFI/RFDI.
File Modifier (1_34_34)stringThe File ID Modifier is provided in the File Header Record to permit multiple Files created on the same date and between the same participants to be distinguished.
Immediate Destination Name (1_41_63)stringThis field contains the name of the ACH Operator of Receiving Point for which that File is destined.
Immediate Origin Name (1_87_94)stringThis field contains the name of the ACH Operator or Sending Point that is Transmitting the File.
Amount_Unsigned (no dollar or comma)decimalThis is the absolute amount.
Service Class 2xx(5_02_04)The Service Class Code (BAI Specifications) identifies the general classification of dollar Entries to be exchanged. ACH Entries are assigned Service Class Code series 200- 299.
Julian_Settle_Date (5_76_78)This is the Julian Date on which settlement is scheduled to occur for the transactions contained in that batch.
Text4This text field will include the originally addenda data provided within the ACH file.
Text5This field unused at this time and is intentionally left blank.
Return Code (7_04_06)stringReturn reason or notice of correction (NOC) codes indicate that the consumer portion of the payment has been returned (i.e. closed bank account, invalid bank account, insufficient funds, etc.) or is incorrect. See ACH Return Code Reference for more information.
Return DescriptionThis is the text description of the return or NOC code. See ACH Return Code Reference for more information.
Original Trace (7_07_21)This field contains the Trace Number as originally included on the forward Entry or Prenotification. The RDFI must include the Original Entry Trace Number in the Addenda Record of an Entry being returned to an ODFI, in the Addenda Record of a NOC, within an Acknowledgement Entry, or with an RDFI request for a copy of an authorization.
Optional Date (7_22_27)This field is unused at this time and is intentionally 0.
Original Receiving DFI (7_28_35)numeric 9 digits 0-9This field contains the Receiving DFI identification as originally included on the forward Entry or Prenotification that the RDFI is returning or correcting. This field must be included in the Addenda Record for an Entry being returned to an ODFI, or within the Addenda Record accompanying a Notification of Change.
Addenda Text (7_36_79)This is Addenda information for the Return Entry - if it is a NOC, the Correcting Data will be found in this field.
Addenda Trace (7_80_94)The Trace Number is changed to reflect the trace number carried in the Entry Detail Record of the Dishonored Return.
Addenda Type (7_02_03)The Addenda Type Code defines the specific interpretation and format for the addenda information contained in the Entry.
Returns_ABA_CheckSum (calculated)This field unused at this time and is intentionally left blank.
Returns Orig Transaction Code (calculated)This is the Tran Code from the Original entry.