vAccount ACH Receiving File Layout



This file type delivers ACH transaction data for debits and credits received for the Platform's vAccounts and applied to the program's settlement account. This file type is provided several times a day. Every time the file is produced, entries only include records that have not been sent to the Platform in previous files.

File Name

VirtualAccounts_v3_5 CompanyShortName yyyyMMddHHmmss.json

VirtualAccounts_v3_5 CompanyShortName yyyyMMddHHmmss.csv

  • VirtualAccounts_v3_5 indicates the file type and version.
  • CompanyShortName is the short name assigned to the company by Evolve.
  • yyyyMMddHHmmss is the timestamp for when the file is sent.

Format Options

This file type is available in both CSV and JSON format.

File Direction

This file is sent to the Platform from Evolve.

Delivery Location

These files are delivered by default into a 'vaccount' subfolder of the Platform's primary folder on Evolve Bank & Trust's sFTP server ( However, the Platform may choose a different subfolder if desired.

Delivery Window

The vAccount ACH Receiving file default delivery timeframe is every 30 minutes throughout the day. When the file is produced, entries only include records that have not been sent to the Platform in previous files.

Each file delivery looks 5 days back for undelivered files. Each Saturday file delivery looks 30 days back.


Best Practice

When designing automated processes to pick up data received from Evolve, always look for new files. Delivery window times are subject to change or to be added as needed.

File Size

This file will contain no more than 2,000 records. If there are more than 2,000 returns in a single delivery window, then multiple files will be provided.

Unique Identifiers

Use the following fields in your vAccount ACH Receiving v3.5 data extract to create unique transaction identification for ACH Receiving records:

  • CoreBatch
  • CoreFileKey
  • CoreSeq

Additional information on these fields can be found in the vAccount ACH Receiving File Field Descriptions & Usage Table shown below.



The CoreBatch, CoreFileKey and CoreSeq unique identifier fields are currently related to ACH Receiving transactions and may not be present for certain transaction types, including but not limited to:

  • Memo Credit/Debit transactions
  • Wire transactions
  • Return Origination (ReturnGen) transactions
  • Check transactions
  • ACH Origination (CoreBatch and CoreFileKey present; no CoreSeq value)

Future iterations and enhancements will address these transaction types.

CSV Guidelines

  1. Each record is located on a separate line, delimited by a line break (CRLF).
  2. The last record in the file may not have an ending line break.
  3. There will be a header line appearing as the first line of the file with the same format as normal record lines. This header will contain names corresponding to the fields in the file and will contain the same number of fields as the records in the rest of the file.
  4. Within the header and each record, there will be one or more fields, separated by commas. Each line should contain the same number of fields throughout the file. Spaces are considered part of a field and should not be ignored.
  5. The last field in the record will not be followed by a comma.
  6. Fields containing line breaks (CRLF), double quotes, and commas will be enclosed in double-quotes.

vAccount ACH Receiving CSV Sample Data

93.63,32,55555015152762,1234567891232388,1234567890,SAMPLE ADDENDA,051000017,1234567891232388,2019-11-21T03:40:42,CORP PYMNT,CTX,615216510059518,C650000600,APIAP4::,123,2019-11-22T00:00:00,2204.0,0841234567890987654321012,1.0
Platform Inc.,1933.23,27,2222150006240,1234567891238264,1234567890,SAMPLE,DATA,026073150,1234567891238264,2019-11-21T01:48:00,CrossWise,PPD,7453233521,CrossWise Inc::Platform Inc.,123,2019-11-21T00:00:00,2545.0,0841234567890987654321012,1.0
John Smith,800,27,88000010367781,1234567891236983,1234567890,SAMPLE DATA,091000019,1234567891236983,2019-11-21T01:48:00,PAYPAL,WEB,770510487C,ANINN::John Smith,123, 019-11-21T00:00:00,2888.0,0841234567890987654321012,1.0

vAccount ACH Receiving JSON Sample Data

        "CIFGRP": 123,
        "Name": "",
        "Amount": 93.63,
        "TranCode": 32,
        "ODFI_trace": "55555015152762",
        "AccountVirtual": "1234567891232388",
        "AccountActual": 1234567890,
        "Addenda": "SAMPLE ADDENDA",
        "ODFIRT": "051000017",
        "ODFIAcct": "1234567891232388",
        "tsACHReceived": "2019-11-21T03:40:42",
        "CED": "CORP PYMNT",
        "SEC": "CTX",
        "IIN": "615216510059518",
        "CID": "C650000600",
        "DiscrData": "",
        "PostingData": "APIAP4::",
        "EffectiveDate": "2019-11-22T00:00:00",
      	"CoreBatch": 2204.0,
      	"CoreFileKey": "0841234567890987654321012",
      	"CoreSeq": 1.0
        "CIFGRP": 123,
        "Name": "Platform Inc.",
        "Amount": 1933.23,
        "TranCode": 27,
        "ODFI_trace": "2222150006240",
        "AccountVirtual": "1234567891238264",
        "AccountActual": 1234567890,
        "Addenda": "SAMPLE, ADDENDA",
        "ODFIRT": "026073150",
        "ODFIAcct": "1234567891238264",
        "tsACHReceived": "2019-11-21T01:48:00",
        "CED": "CrossWise",
        "SEC": "PPD",
        "IIN": "",
        "CID": "7453233521",
        "DiscrData": "",
        "PostingData": "CrossWise Inc::Platform Inc.",
        "EffectiveDate": "2019-11-21T00:00:00",
        "CoreBatch": 2545.0,
      	"CoreFileKey": "0841234567890987654321012",
      	"CoreSeq": 1.0
        "CIFGRP": 123,
        "Name": "John Smith",
        "Amount": 800,
        "TranCode": 27,
        "ODFI_trace": "88000010367781",
        "AccountVirtual": "1234567891236983",
        "AccountActual": 1234567890,
        "Addenda": "SAMPLE ADDENDA",
        "ODFIRT": "091000019",
        "ODFIAcct": "1234567891236983",
        "tsACHReceived": "2019-11-21T01:48:00",
        "CED": "PAYPAL",
        "SEC": "WEB",
        "IIN": "",
        "CID": "770510487C",
        "DiscrData": "",
        "PostingData": "ANINN::John Smith",
        "EffectiveDate": "2019-11-21T00:00:00",
        "CoreBatch": 2888.0,
      	"CoreFileKey": "0841234567890987654321012",
      	"CoreSeq": 1.0

vAccount ACH Receiving File Field Descriptions & Usage Table

Field NameData TypeData ValidationDescription
CIFGRPintPlatform grouping for SaaS providers
NamestringName received from Originating Depository Financial Institution (“ODFI”) on incoming transaction. This name is intended to be the beneficiary of the transaction’s name and should generally match the name of the user onboarded to the Platform
AmountnumericUnsigned amount of the transaction
TranCodenumeric2 digit NACHA transaction code that describes what type of transaction was received.
Valid Values:
22 Checking Deposit (Credit)
27 Checking Withdrawal (Debit)
23 Pre-Note: Checking Deposit (Credit)
28 Pre-Note: Checking Withdrawal (Debit)
ODFI_tracestringUnique identifier created by ODFI for this transaction. Incoming Trace IDs are unique per ODFI, per Platform, per Effective Date.

Note: Trace numbers may need to be 0 left filled up to 15 digits.
AccountVirtualstring10 to 16 digit vAccount number. This is the account number that was issued to the user.
AccountActualdecimalvAccount Settlement Account number. This is the Evolve account number which received the debit or credit for the transaction.
AddendastringThis record contains additional information relating to the transaction. This record combines all payment related addenda information from the 7 record into a single string with an 80 character maximum.
ODFIRTstringRouting Number of ODFI
ODFIAcctstring*Deprecated field – current value is an unnecessary duplicate vAccount Number (AccountVirtual)
tsACHReceivedstringyyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssTimestamp or date only in timestamp format for when ACH was received at Evolve
CEDstringCompany Entry Description (CED) is intended to describe the purpose or intent of a transaction.
SECstringACH Standard Entry Class code.

Valid values for ACH Origination transactions are outlined here.

For ACH Receiving transactions, valid Standard Entry Class may include those outlined on the NACHA ACH File Details page shown here.
IINstringIndividual Identification Number is used by the originating business to identify the individual being debited or credited.
CIDstringCompany ID is the numeric identifier of the ACH Originator.
DiscrDatastringDiscretionary Data is the field used by the originator to describe a batch of transactions for internal purposes.
PostingDatastringStatement posting data. This information is generally displayed to the user on a statement. This contains the ACH Company Name, Company Discretionary Data, and Individual Name separated by ‘:’.

ACH Company Name is the name of the originator.

Company Discretionary Data is field used by the originator to describe a batch of transactions for internal purposes.

Individual Name is benefactor of the transaction. See note on ‘Name’ above.

EffectiveDatedateyyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssDate originator intended for transaction to be effective. Incoming transactions can be received up to two days in advance. See Release 2019.11 for more information.
CoreBatchnumericEvolve Core System-assigned Batch number.
CoreFileKeystringEvolve Core System-assigned File Key
CoreSeqnumericEvolve Core System-assigned Sequence number

_Note: CoreSeq will not be visible for transactions where Evolve is the originating bank (ODFI), as origination transactions report at batch level.


Posting Transactions

Transaction posting to a customer statement must be compliant with NACHA Operating Rules Subsection

An RDFI must provide or make available to each of its Receivers the following information concerning each credit and debit Entry to a Consumer Account of such Receiver:

  1. posting date to Receiver's account;
  2. dollar amount of the Entry;
  3. company name/Originator name (Note: For credit WEB Entries for P2P payments, the name of the consumer Originator is located within the Individual Identification Number field of the Entry Detail Record); for credit WEB Entries for Reversals the name of the Originator is located in the Company/Batch Header Record);
  4. company Entry description;
  5. account type;
  6. account number;
  7. amount of any charges assessed against the account for services related to the Entry;
  8. balances in the Receiver’s account at the beginning and at the close of the statement period;
  9. for an ARC, BOC, RCK, or XCK Entry, or an IAT Entry where the Transaction Type Code field contains a value of “ARC,” “BOC,” or “RCK,” the Check Serial Number;
  10. for an MTE, POS, or SHR Entry, or an IAT Entry where the Transaction Type Code field contains a value of “MTE,” “POS,” or “SHR,” the:
    1. terminal identification code and/or terminal location, as those terms are defined in Regulation E;
    2. terminal city, as that term is defined in Regulation E; and
    3. terminal state, as that term is defined in Regulation E;
  11. For a POP Entry, or an IAT Entry where the Transaction Type Code field contains a value of “POP,” the:
    1. Check Serial Number;
    2. terminal city, as that term is defined in Regulation E; and
    3. terminal state, as that term is defined in Regulation E;
  12. Address and telephone number to be used for inquiries or notices of errors preceded by “Direct Inquiries To” or similar language.

Release Notes - v3.5

  1. Added CSV file name example in "File Name" section
  2. Added CoreBatch, CoreSeq, and CoreFileKey
  3. Added CoreBatch, CoreSeq and CoreFileKey to CSV and JSON examples
  4. Updated File Size section to reflect 2,000 max records per file.
  5. Corrected file naming conventions ("File Name" section).
  6. Updated TranCode, Trace and Addenda field descriptions.
  7. Updated data types for tsACHReceived and EffectiveDate fields.