Check and Envelope Layout Guides

Check Layout Guide

The below graphic is a mock check layout and where each field from the Check Printing File Layout is populated.

Check Layout

Check Layout Definitions

  1. Return Address - Address for all undeliverable mail
  2. Clearing Bank Name & Fractional ABA - Required for check clearing in the event a MICR code is damaged
  3. Check Number - Number assigned to each check for record keeping
  4. Check Date - Date check was issued
  5. Platform Name and Phone Number - Name/Phone Number of the issuing platform (i.e. "Fintech ABC"). This is who check recipients should contact/call for more information about the check
  6. MICR Line - Bank account and routing information
  7. Logo (optional) - Logo graphic will appear hear, if chosen
  8. Memo (optional) - Memo text will appear hear, if chosen
  9. Delivery Address - Address where the check will be delivered to. Appears in the window pane of envelope
  10. Payer and Payer Address - Check initiator and address
  11. Payee and Payee Address - Check recipient and address
  12. Check Stub - Contains information for the check recipient's record
  13. Check - The actual printed check for the payee to deposit

Envelope Layout Guide

The standard envelope used is a #10 double pane.