Check Printing File Layout


For Evolve clients utilizing our Check Printing (Check Send) solution, a JSON formatted Check Printing file will need to be sent in order for us to create the check and associated Positive Pay records.

File Name

The file name format should be as follows:


  • YYYMMDD indicates the check batch date.
  • XX represents a sequential identifier if sending multiple files daily, starting with "00." Subsequent files on the same day should increment to 01, 02, etc.
  • .check is the file extension

File Options

This file type should be sent in .JSON format.

File Direction

The Platform is responsible for sending this file to Evolve.

Delivery Window

Check files will need to be uploaded via SFTP by 10am CST daily.

Sample JSON Data

    "SenderName" : "Sender Entity",
    "CheckLayout" : "Default",
    "Envelope" : "Default",
    "Insert" : null,
    "DeliveryOption" : "USPS_FirstClass",
    "CheckStatus" : "I",
    "Account" : "9990008888",
    "Serial" : "7777777",
    "Amount" : 220.12,
    "ReturnAddress1" : "Platform Name, ATTN: Employee",
    "ReturnAddress2" : "100 Unicorn St",
    "ReturnAddress3" : "San Francisco, CA 94103",
    "PayerName" : "Customer Name",
    "PayerAddress1" : "3700 Loon Rd",
    "PayerAddress2" : "Ste 100",
    "PayerAddress3" : "",
    "PayerCity" : "Minneapolis",
    "PayerState" : "MN",
    "PayerZip" : "55403",
    "PayeeName" : "Xcel Energy",
    "PayeeAddress1" : "414 Nicollet Mall",
    "PayeeAddress2" : "",
    "PayeeAddress3" : "",
    "PayeeCity" : "Minneapolis",
    "PayeeState" : "MN",
    "PayeeZip" : "55401",
    "Platform" : "Platform Name",
    "PlatformNumber" : "+1 (555) 666-7777",
    "Memo" : "Inv #654321",
    "Reference" : "",
    "Logo" : null,
    "AttachmentCount" : 0,
    "Attachments" : []

Field Descriptions & Usage

CheckLayoutvarchar (15)YesDetermines check print paper stock. Value is "Default"
SenderNamenvarchar (50)YesSeparate’s clients files during the check printing process
Envelopevarchar (25)YesDetermines envelope type. Value is "Default"
Insertvarchar (25)YesDetermines the insert to be added to the letter. Value is "Null"
CheckStatusnvarchar (1)YesThe value can be either "I," "V," or "P."

"I" - Issue - representing transactions that are issued.

"V" - Void - representing transactions that are voided.

"P" - "P" designated for clients who utilize an approved third party check printer other than Evolve's solution, but still use Evolve's Positive Pay feature to decision checks.
DeliveryOptionvarchar (15)YesDetermines the delivery option used for sending the
check. “USPS_FirstClass” is the preferred and default value for bulk mailing and presorting. "Certified*" is used if tracking is needed.

Value is "USPS_FirstClass" or "Certified"
Accountvarchar (16)YesPlatform Settlement Account Number
SerialbigintYesCheck Serial Number
AmountfloatYesDecimal Amount to be paid by check
ReturnAddress1nvarchar (50)YesAddress line 1 of Platform
ReturnAddress2nvarchar (50)OptionalAddress line 2 of Platform
ReturnAddress3nvarchar (50)OptionalAddress line 3 of Platform
PayerNamenvarchar (50)YesName of Payer
PayerAddress1nvarchar (50)YesAddress line 1 of Payer
PayerAddress2nvarchar (50)OptionalAddress line 2 of Payer
PayerAddress3nvarchar (50)OptionalAddress line 3 of Payer
PayerCitynvarchar (50)YesCity of Payer
PayerStatenvarchar (50)YesState of Payer
PayerZipnvarchar (10)YesZip code of Payer
PayeeNamenvarchar (50)YesName of Payee
PayeeAddress1nvarchar (50)YesAddress line 1 of Payee
PayeeAddress2nvarchar (50)OptionalAddress line 2 of Payee
PayeeAddress3nvarchar (50)OptionalAddress line 3 of Payee
PayeeCitynvarchar (50)YesCity of Payee
PayeeStatenvarchar (50)YesState of Payee
PayeeZipnvarchar (10)YesZip code of Payee
Platformnvarchar (50)YesPlatform Company Name
PlatformNumbernvarchar (50)YesPlatform company’s customer service telephone number
Memonvarchar (45)OptionalCheck Memo
Referencenvarchar (50)OptionalAdditional Reference Info
Logonvarchar (500)OptionalURL to image file – leave blank if no logo image should be printed. For best results, use .png format. Alternative logo formats include .jpg and .tiff
AttachmentCountintOptionalThe number of attachments included
Attachmentsnvarchar (max)OptionalURL to image file – leave blank if no attachments
(array of strings)

*Additional costs apply