Domestic Wire

Wire transfers, facilitated domestically and internationally via Fedwire® (operated by the U.S. Federal Reserve), are irreversible once funds are received. A wire transfer involves crediting funds to the beneficiary bank from the originating bank.

This section outlines Evolve's Wire services, guiding you through configurations for both sending and receiving wires.

Below are details of the delivery methods and notifications for domestic wire transactions:

WireMethod of DeliveryNotification Method
Domestic Wire OriginationFile TransferWire Out File Layout
Domestic Wire ReceivingFile TransferWire In File Layout

Find the API documentation for Wire Origination here.

There are two key file layouts for domestic wires:

Wire Out File Layout - Notification for wire transactions originated by Evolve.
Wire In File Layout - Notification for wire transactions received by Evolve.

Note: In this context, the term Customer may refer to a Third Party or Platform, depending on the program configuration.

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